Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus). Out of the 50+ varieties of lemongrass, Cymbopogon flexuosus is 1 of the 2 categorized by the US FDA as safe for human consumption, including its distillates, essential oil and hydrosol. See the list here.


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lemongrass hydrosol

Informed Choice!

Lemongrass is a functional food traditionally used in Southeast Asia and India to manage high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high water retention and high cholesterol (LDL).

Our lemongrass hydrosol is the pure water distillate. Stable for up to 2 years, in cool, dry place away from sunlight. For every 1,000 kg leaves, we only recover around 10-12% hydrosol, which is the estimated water content of the fresh leaves.


Verifiable results
Easy to use

How to use

Dosage and Frequency

Add 15 mL Essencia Lemongrass Drink to every 220 mL (1 cup) water.
Drink 3x daily
Before meals

Best results

1. Drink together with your medication.
2. Do a lab test after 1 week. Why continue a food if it doesn't give you the results you expect, right?
3. Do a confirmatory lab test after 1 month.

Verifiable results!

Bio-accumulations, such as high blood sugar,
high water retention,
high blood pressure,
high uric acid,
occur when the body is unable to filter and dispose properly due to malfunctions of the kidneys and liver.

Lemongrass is food for the kidneys and the liver (nephroprotective and hepatopathy management), providing them with antioxidants so that they can begin repair and allow the organs to do their functions again = filtration and disposal (urination, defecation and perspiration).

That's why after 1 week, if you get a labtest, you see all the accumulations go down, naturally!

We are the only food company that actually tells you and puts it into writing GET A LABTEST.

Because testimonials can be paid for and manipulated. But your labtest, we can't influence it. And it's the only way to successfully get you off of your meds.

When your life is on the line, no cheating. get a labtest. To avoid fluke, get a confirmatory labtest after 1 month of use. Give both test results to your doctur and allow him/her to gradually wean you off of your meds.

A good doctor will fulfill his/her Hippocratic oath, "I will heal my patient."

Drink water

Drink the right amount of water, 8 glasses of water daily. Spread it out evenly throughout the day = You should never feel thirsty.
Coffee is not water. Coke is not water. Flush them with the same amount of water. ELD will enable your body to urinate all those excess liquids.

Side effects

Everything in excess has a side effect. For lemongrass, leg cramps (elektrolyte loss due to regular urination).

Healthy urination frequency should be at least 6x daily. Healthy defecation frequency should be at least once daily


Have a balance meal. Abundant natural sources of potassium or electrolytes can come from eating 1 banana / 1 mango / 1 tablespoon of raisins/ 1 cup niyog or buko juice.

Synthetic sources are Pocari Sweat or Gatorade, once a week.


Not for pregnant women.
Do not exceed recommended dose.
Do not drink if suffering from diarrhea.

Do I drink Essencia Lemongrass Drink (ELD) forever?


The goal is clear, to get you a better quality of life. One where you are not dependent on meds nor on ELD.

But if you are anticipating that you will consume bad foods today, such as processed meats, instant beverages like softdrinks or powedered drinks, or eat dishes with high cholesterol, it is ideal to drink at least once a day, in the morning on an empty stomach. So that everything you eat will be flushed, and prevent accumulations again.

NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS. THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Lemongrass is only classified as "food, herb, spice" by the FDA and not as a traditional medicine. The DOH (Department of Health) has lemongrass in its 100 Philippine traditional medicines more than 30 years ago. Only lagundi has fully passed the "traditional medicinal plant" category duly recognized by the FDA.

Disclaimer: images are from the net.


Please note that we are not advocating that people should stop using western medication. But we would like to make you aware that there are alternative traditional therapies that can be very effective to help treat conditions and create a healthier and more vital you.



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